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Meet Our Staff

남편 과 함꺠 .jpg  |  Tel: 424-343-7025/424-332-3779

남편 과 함꺠 .jpg

Senior Pastor

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew 



Doctorate degrees and special educations 

*Harvard Business School Online (2019-2021)

Major: Certified completed many courses including  Leadership Principal, Entrepreneur  Essential, Venture Capital, and International Business (Online)


*Harvard Graduate School of Education Leadership Program with Harvard Business School online (2019-2021)

Major: Certified completed many courses 7-12K School Management & Leadership Program, Leading School, Leading People and Leading change (Online)


*Harvard Kennedy School of Government PLC (Public Leadership Credential) program (2021)

Major Study: Public Policy & Leadership= Policy Design and Delivery: A Systematic Approach & Policy Design and Delivery: Innovation and Scaling

*Harvard Law school, 1-year courses for computer science for a lawyer from 2021 to April 15, 2022

Major study for computer Science for Lawyers for the appreciation of the legal ramifications of clients’ technological decisions and policies.

*MIT Sloan School of Management(2021), majored studying Artificial Intelligence for implications for business strategy.

*Studied JD Doctoral Program from Abraham Lincoln Law School ( 2001 ~2003)

*Studied Political Legislation from UCLA (2019),


*Graduated Pacific Law School LDA & Paralegal Program (2013)​

Doctorate Degrees & Special Education  

*Graduated D.B.A ( Doctor Business Administration) from Pacific State University. (2003-2006) 

 Major study International Trade E-commerce & Finance, and International Law & Policy ​

*Graduated Postdoctoral PH.D. Degree in Sales & Marketing (2012-2013)

Major study Non-profit management and Cause Relationship Marketing

*Graduated Second Postdoctoral PH.D. Degree for Biblical Preaching from Newburgh College(2019) ​

Major study Jesus leadership and biblical preaching, and writing dissertation for comparative of Jesus leadership speech and political leadership speech 

*Studied at Fuller Theology School Korean Dcotor Ministry Offered Program ( 2017) 

*Received over 30 certified or licensed professional specialists in real estate, mortgage, factory, international trade, legal, e-commerce, finance, banking during working with professionals in the field as CEO of IT global banking business, real estate, and legal immigration service companies. (1996-2021)

Master degrees and special educations 

*Finished Master of Business Administration at Pacific State University (2003-2004)


*Studied MBA/CPA account & finance from the University of California, Berkeley ( 2004-2005)


*Studied for the Entrepreneurial Courses and received Entrepreneurial Achievement from

University Southern California  (2007-2008)  

*Graduated Anyang Graduate School of  Theology Master Theology ( Th.M.) (1995)


*Finished Master Education at Calvin College (1996-1998) 


*Adminited California State Long Beach study ELS/ English Literature(1995)

​Bachelor degrees and special educations 

*Graduated Calvin Theology School Bachelor Theology USA (1997)

*Graduated from Tea Han Theology School Bachelor Theology Seoul Korea (1994)

*Graduated American College for AAA Nursing programs the USA (1997)

*Graduated Korean American Nurse Association RN examination class ( 1997)  


​*Graduated from Saint Mother Nursing College  AAA Nursing programs from Seoul Korea (1989)

*Studied YJ University of Bachelor of English Literature (1994)

*Studied at Sudo Interpretation School Korea and Neo Interpretation School USA

*Studied Pacific University CBEST  Courses & Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Sarah Liew's Accolades

Business Experiences ( 1996-2021)

*CEO of MPS Merchant Service Group

 & Meridian Payment System

-Owner & President of ISO Office partnership with Worldpay by FIS( Fortune 500 company) NPC, Vantiv 

-Owner & President of ISO Office partnership with Bank of America, First Data independent, Chase bank( Chase Paymentech), Wells Fargo Bank, North America Bankcard & First data with Wells Fargo bank, Harbor touch POS


*CEO/ Principal/Professor of Meridian Institute of Technology University

*CEO & Owner of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management & Liberty Finance since 1997 and worked as ISO owner at the Berkshire Hathaway Beverly Hills ( 2011-2014) 


*CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Investment Legal Group & CEO of Global Immigration Services, and Dr. Sarah Sun Liew Legal Office since 2013


Nonprofit Organization (1987-2021)

*CEO of Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish foundation since 2015 &  CEO of Christian Business Owner's Association since 2009 

*CEO/ Senior Pastor of Global Jesus Mission Church and Global Leadership Center since 2018

*Worked as Sunday School Director/ Part-time Second-Generation Education Pastor of Sunday School

at Mijo Peace Church, Elim Church, Calling Mission Church, Calvary Church, and Holy Mountain Church from 1990 to 2010

Education Organization (1990-1997)

*To-Song Academy for college entrance academic high-school students English & SAT instructor

*Samsung Language School for college entrance academic high-school students English & SAT instructor

*English & Mathematics teacher at Ensoul Academy for elementary, middle school students

*Hansoul Academy for elementary, middle school students

*Haidy afternoon school English teacher for K-12  

*Founder & instructor of Free Adult  School  and English Instructor   

Medical Staff ( 1987-1995 & 1997-1998)

*Worked as intern medical staff in the operating room, delivery room & intensive care unit...,  at Bang Ji General Hospital in Korea

*Worked for top 10 universities hospital, part-time short term medical staff & ministry staff  winter and summer vacation during academic life 

*Worked for medical staff at Crenshaw hospital in the USA

남편 과 함꺠 .jpg

Director of Ministries -ELDER 

Abraham Lee


Master of Business Administration 
The Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa (1995- 1999)
Bachelor of Arts in Trade 


Pusan University of Foreign Study, Pusan, (S) Korea (1982-1989)




Vice president of Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation nonprofit


Secretary of Global Jesus Mission Church Non Profit



 Vice President of  Credit Card Processing Company, MPS merchant service group Inc  & Meridian Payment Systems Beverly Hills Ca

Vice President/ Professor  of MIT University 

Manager of Register Office Distance Education MBA Program, 
M.U.M., Fairfield, Iowa 

 General Manager 
DoingIl Chemistry Co., Pusan, (S) Korea


20190712_122939 (1)- 10 지구 attoney andre  |  Tel: 424-343-7025/424-332-3779

20190712_122939 (1)- 10 지구 attoney andre

Head of Ministry Financial and Community Supporting Team /Treasure Member 

Attorney Andrew Kim 


Claremont McKenna University (Ph.D. Religious Philosophy 2019)

Graduated Talbot Theological Seminary ( Th.M 2019)

Graduated from Pepperdine Law School( J.D. 1996)

Graduated Claremont McKinna University (Political Science1992 )

Community Services History & Work Experience 

Law Offices of Andrew Kim. Lawyer (1996 to present)

Treasure of meridian Business legal investment wish foundation 503 c nonprofit ( 2017 to present)

LA City 10 District Councilors (10.7% of the vote)March 2011

California Small Lawyers Association Chairperson 2001

L.A County Drug Committee Member(1998- 2014)

Democratic Peace Adviser (1998-2005) 

Temporary Judge for the L.A. County Small Claims(1999-2014) 

Vice-Chairman of the LA Citizenship Association (2000)

Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party in California(2000)

Temporary Judge for Small District Court of Los Angeles(1999) 

California District 46 the Republican Party in California(1996)

President, Los Angeles Youth Business Association(1996-2000) 

Vice-Chairman, Korean Association of Los Angeles(1996-98)


Office Manager

Donna Mason 

Ms. Mason serves as Secretary of Meridian Business Legal Investment, and Ms. Mason served many years of a nonprofit organization as a marketing specialist and coordinator of nonprofit marketing and managing over 20 years.

She has been working as secretary of Dr. Sarah Liew Office and working as agent trainer and marking specialist for all her companies merchant services working with Dr. Sarah Sun Liew since 2010


She studied at the University of California, Santa Clara for business management

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